Saturday, 20 December 2008

This is the fear forecast for the next doctor!

0 min
This looks familiar. "Perhaps XXXXXX is behind the TARDIS," grins Adam.
1 min
The family cheer!
2 min
Harry: "Cool!" Samuel: "How?"
3 min
Amy's suddenly concerned.
4 min
Rosita springs into action. Harry demands an explanation.
5 min
Amy whispers to Dad, "Why doesn't he... ?"
6 min
Harry's delighted with a vision.
8 min
Amy clutches Dad's leg.
9 min
Mum harrumphs significantly. Samuel announces that he is a fish.
10 min
The kids have never seen the sonic screwdriver used like that before.
11 min
Watch and learn. The kids are agog.
13 min
The Doctor recalls the night he regenerated. "It makes sense now!" says Samuel gleefully.
14 min
A sudden appearance alarms Amy. Adam has his doubts.
16 min
Amy feels quite sorry for the Doctor.
17 min
The Lady in Red outrages Samuel.
18 min
Amy's eyes widen in apprehension. Harry groans in dismay.
20 min
Why is Dad talking about his nice cardigan?
23 min
The Doctor reveals his favourite personal technology for the very first time.
26 min
Samuel's initial reaction reveals something about last week.
27 min
Samuel is delighted to see a very familiar face.
29 min
Mum and Dad are horrified.
31 min
Amy feels musical.
34 min
What is the racy nightmare?
35 min
Samuel slaps his forehead. "Why did the Doctor do that?"
36 min
The kids cheer!
38 min
Samuel is impressed.
40 min
What makes Amy wriggle in her seat?
41 min
The kids debate royal nomenclature.
42 min
Samuel whoops. Harry grins.
43 min
Harry's advice to the XXXXXXXX is: "Run!" So why are they slowing down?
45 min
"He's called what?" asks Adam.
46 min
Gasps and cheers. The watching parents are misty-eyed.
47 min
The boys are hugely impressed.
49 min
"It's like XXXXXXXX!" says Samuel. "It's a scary XXXX with XXXXX-XXXXXX!" says Harry.
51 min
Samuel realises something about the Doctor... but which one?
53 min
"Wooaaahh!" gasp the kids.
55 min
"The cloister bell!"
56 min
"This is even better than last year!" decides Adam.
57 min
The Doctors have an appointment to keep.
"Very good show!" declares Harry, and the whole family agree.

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